Department of Emergency Medicine -Peerless Hospital & B K Roy Research Centre

360 Panchasayar   Kolkata - 700 094
West Bengal, India



Welcome to Department of Emergency Medicine - Peerless Hospital & B K Roy Research Center.    

      Our department aims to set new standards in the budding field of  Emergency Medicine in India .  The Peerless Hospital has collaborated with one of the most prestigious Emergency departments in the world -The Reagan  Institute under George Washington  University - USA, to start a three years post graduation course in Emergency Medicine called  MEM (Masters in Emergency Medicine ) for Indian doctors . The aim of this MEM course is to create future leaders in the field of Emergency Medicine.We are one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Kolkata, & have set high standards in patient care, & are well-prepared and trained to meet the demands of the emergency room. Our department is manned  by doctors who are qualified specialists in Emergency Medicine.
     This website primarily covers the academic aspects of our department . For information of about Medical Services of our hospital including Emergency Medical Services visit our official Hospital Website

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